Medical Media Services

Medical Media Services Limited is an integrated communication solutions provider targeted at the health sector. Our current media channels include online services as well as the industry leading Health Business and Safari Njema magazines. Medical Media Services is an industry insider and understands the rules of a highly-regulated industry. We are the undisputed leader in health information communication.

Medical Media Services offers communication solutions for organizations seeking to increase consumer awareness and improve on the brands/company’s image. We offer, high impact, targeted, and flexible informational campaigns.

Our Vision

To be the leading health information services provider to healthcare professionals, government, businesses, and the public. We shall highlight pertinent public health issues for the benefit of mankind.

Mission Statement

Medical Media Services (MMS) is committed to delivering informed, targeted, intelligent, and high-response communication solutions based on superior industry knowledge; a real understanding of the issues that affect both our clients and their customers, and a genuine enthusiasm for what we do.

What we do

MMS is known for its premium advantages in delivering targeted and advertiser-controlled information via an array of communication platforms with maximum impact.

Product categories

  • Medical information communication
  • Business information for the healthcare industry
  • Health and safety information for the transport industry
  • Printing and branding solutions targeted at the healthcare industry

Our Products
Our Business Advantage

  • Technology fusion - MMS leverages on current and emerging technologies resulting in fusion of print and digital information technologies.
  • Industry experience and knowledge - MMS has accumulated industry experience of over 20 years. We maintain high standards of industry ethics in all our endeavors.
  • Integrated solutions - MMS provides an integrated and comprehensive solution from a single point of contact.
  • Adaptable Messaging - MMS customers can take advantage of our cutting-edge technology to promote innovative ideas, branding, promotions, new business information, grand-opening announcements, directional information, event awareness, special services and much more.
  • Cost Effective - MMS delivers high quality, innovative and cost effective industry specific communication solutions.

Medical Information Communication
Our Aspirations

  • Innovation - To relentlessly innovate, develop and deliver intelligent and high-response communication solutions to consumers.
  • Quality - We are committed to “Zero defect” service delivery through consistent monitoring and evaluation of our services.
  • Efficient - We are a lean and technological driven organization; we shall ensure efficient, timely, consistent and predictable service to all our customers.
  • People - To invest in people driven by passion and a creative spirit, people remain our most important asset; we shall attract and retain skilled manpower that is adaptive to the ever-changing environment in the information-communication industry.
  • Trust - To be that dependable and reliable organization in all our customer dealings.