Health Business

Health Business contains need-to-know features, news and case studies that explain the administrative and commercial issues affecting healthcare and hospital management. Health Business supports several high profile exhibitions - coverage of which is always timed for maximum impact. Regular topics include ICT, Finance/Funding, Facilities Management, Security, Health & Safety. Contributors range from government ministers through to top-level health administrators and association chairs. For more information, visit the Health Business Website

Safari Njema

Safari Njema magazine is a safety and travel magazine, designed and developed within the context of Kenyan transport industry. Safari Njema magazine positions itself at the critical intersection between Transport and Health sectors. The bulk of Safari Njema audience is curved from public transport users in major towns in the country. Safari Njema magazine is a free copy and its distribution channels reach rail, air, water, and road passengers across the country with our special focus being safety to all passengers. For more information, visit the Safari Njema Website


Provides a comprehensive library of medical resources, a convenient reference to the general public and the busy health care professionals at the point of care, different sets of information for different audience. The library contains drug information references, disease conditions references and national treatment guidelines. For more information, visit the Zahanati Health Portal